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A Preview Of Something by Daikinbakuju A Preview Of Something :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 100 50 Arle's Bread-Eating Race by Daikinbakuju Arle's Bread-Eating Race :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 303 24 Sakura's Gypsy Rope Trick by Daikinbakuju Sakura's Gypsy Rope Trick :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 391 21 Western Yellow Gagged by Daikinbakuju Western Yellow Gagged :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 483 13 Western Yellow Kidnapped by Daikinbakuju Western Yellow Kidnapped :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 242 13 Hanako Gagged While Cosplaying by Daikinbakuju Hanako Gagged While Cosplaying :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 355 6 Hanako Cosplaying As Nami by Daikinbakuju Hanako Cosplaying As Nami :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 137 6 Hanako In Wedding Dress Gagged by Daikinbakuju Hanako In Wedding Dress Gagged :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 254 6 Hanako Wedding Dress by Daikinbakuju Hanako Wedding Dress :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 115 3 Dangers Of Pokemon GO by Daikinbakuju Dangers Of Pokemon GO :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 716 41 Bound Und Gagged by Daikinbakuju Bound Und Gagged :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 430 23 Christmas 2016 by Daikinbakuju Christmas 2016 :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 465 19 Prisoner Transport by Daikinbakuju Prisoner Transport :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 1,337 85 Costume Change Fairy by Daikinbakuju Costume Change Fairy :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 247 8 Bound and Gagged Fairy by Daikinbakuju Bound and Gagged Fairy :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 495 9 Captured Fairy by Daikinbakuju Captured Fairy :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 339 16
All according to Daikinbakuju*!

*Daikinbakuju means "great bondage monster"


Kimmy at 12 by MisterEye Kimmy at 12 :iconmistereye:MisterEye 91 9 Combat Suit Girl by Goldsickle Combat Suit Girl :icongoldsickle:Goldsickle 85 11 DaiSkinPRS1 by Failanex
Mature content
DaiSkinPRS1 :iconfailanex:Failanex 159 15
Nanoha by Crime000 Nanoha :iconcrime000:Crime000 307 7 love me chaaaaiinnn by clearskiesahead love me chaaaaiinnn :iconclearskiesahead:clearskiesahead 40 9 C.C. in trouble 2 by Natsuko-Hiragi C.C. in trouble 2 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 356 31 PlayStation Vita? by Goldsickle PlayStation Vita? :icongoldsickle:Goldsickle 287 65
Feeling quite demotivated by the front page lately

A while back (in fact, a GOOD while back) I submitted the only news article I ever wrote regarding vector traces and how they were taking over deviantArt. I'm, happy to see that they're not nearly as common as they use to be (although I am not arrogant enough to think I had anything to do with this)
However, lately there's been an epidemic on dA far more serious and annoying than any vector trace ever was, namely: Demotivational posters.
Vector traces are not art, they're traces, but even they took at least an hour or so to create. How long does it take some-one to find a google image and slap a black border and what they consider to be a 'clever' quip line at the bottom? Half an hour? 10 minutes?
Most of the time these motivational posters are either catering to a specific fanbase or they're trying to point out something in the way of a dirty joke. Because you know, if it's dirty it's automatically funny
Anyway, even of the minute minority of them that are actually fu
:iconc-puff:C-Puff 43 72
Mew Ichigo by Goldsickle Mew Ichigo :icongoldsickle:Goldsickle 861 362 Roll Cosplaying As X-2 Rikku by Goldsickle Roll Cosplaying As X-2 Rikku :icongoldsickle:Goldsickle 465 62 O.C. Design: 'Hairclip Girl' by Goldsickle O.C. Design: 'Hairclip Girl' :icongoldsickle:Goldsickle 174 34
Anti-Plagiarism and Anti-Tracing: Enlightenment
It's common knowledge to a lot of deviants by now that certain policies in deviantART has opened up loopholes that allows plagiarism of existing artworks, whether they are copyrighted or fan-made.
In response to this, a lot of deviants who are against plagiarism are very upset about seeing one plagiarism after another being approved as legitimate art and what follows is outrage from those who appreciate original artworks.
Although their motives aren't ill, they tend to get carried away, forgetting common sense and a lot of people who don't deserve it get caught in crossfires of the anti-plagiarists' anger.
This article is to educate anti-plagiarists on certain things they need to understand to reduce the amount of stray bullets in their rage against legitimatized plagiarism.
First of all, we all know that our most targeted issue within plagiarism is none other than unauthorized tracings of screenshots, scans, packaging and promotional artwork from popular animated series.
Fan-made artw
:icongoldsickle:Goldsickle 112 96
Folk Dance by Goldsickle Folk Dance :icongoldsickle:Goldsickle 412 90


A Preview Of Something
I don't like giving away previews, since there's this chance that I announce something that would be potentially awesome, except that I don't go through with it, since I'm easily discouraged and unmotivated to try something new....

But anyway, it's a Nanoha doujin, which will contain lolis, bloomers and involves a predicament that is bound to keep the heroine tied up (muahahahahahahaa).

I have no clue how to submit doujins.
I think there's DLsite but is there something else?

For those looking at tags and wonders "where in the page is Nanoha?", it's the bottom panel :iconimhappyplz:
Arle's Bread-Eating Race
Arle and Witch duking it out in bread-eating race while Kaa-kun cheers.

For those wondering: yes, competitors sometimes have their hands tied behind their backs for this event.
Think of it as Japan's "Bob The Apple".
Sakura's Gypsy Rope Trick
Sakura's first costume in CCS was meant to be "magician themed" but I have never actually seen her doing an actual magic trick (catching living cards doesn't count).
So what better trick to perform but an escape art? X3

The "Gypsy Rope Tie/Trick/Mystery" is a commonly performed act where a magician or an assistant is tied up with ropes and they somehow managed to steal and wear the jacket of a volunteer once both bound performer and the volunteer are obscured under a cloth or curtain.
The performer is somehow able to wear the jacket underneath her bindings despite her wrists being tied up and with ropes wrapped around her body.

Here's a demonstration of the trick with magician Arian Black and Steve Harvey.
Western Yellow Kidnapped
Western Yellow is kidnapped and is being used as bait for her sisters...

Character is from Yumekakiya's Mahou Shoujo Western Girls series.
The boards is now back online.

I know just posting a board isn't enough but I'll try to get the ball rolling by posting DID materials that you don't see anywhere else, including drawings that I can't post here due to TOS reasons.

UPDATE: Validation emails and password resetting should work now.

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